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``Face the Facts`` Skincare Range

“Face the Facts” skincare range, is a series of meticulously thought out and effective cosmeceutical formulations for treatment and maintenance of common skin issues ranging from pigmentations, acne/pimples, aging skin, to the dry and sensitive skin.

We take pride in our ability to specifically target a certain skin issue in order to optimise the effects of skin treatment and maintenance for you.

For All Skin Types

One Face

Complete Makeup Remover

One Face Complete Makeup Remover

Gentle yet thorough makeup remover with anti-oxidant Vitamin E, for the face and around the eye areas.

One Face

Botanical Cleanser

One Face Botanical Cleanser

Contains plant-derived cleansing ingredients and amino acids which thoroughly and effectively cleanse and nourish, giving the skin a squeaky clean feel.

One Face

Clear Sunscreen

One Face Clear Sunscreen

For essential sun protection, this smooth and light sunscreen serves to effectively dissipate harmful ultraviolet radiation that causes skin damage and aging.

One Face

White Sunscreen

One Face White Sunscreen

For essential sun protection, this white base sunscreen serves to effectively block off harmful ultraviolet radiation that causes skin damage and aging. Suitable for all skin types.


One Face

Illumine Serum

One Face Illumine Serum

An all-round formulation to deliver surpassing pigmentation clearing, skin brightening, and anti-aging effects.

Anti-ageing and Eyecare

One Face

NeoEyes Serum

One Face NeoEyes Serum

An all-round specially formulated rejuvenating and moisturizing serum with premium peptides for exceptional anti-aging effects to gently smoothen lines and firm the skin around the eyes.

One Face

Vital-C Serum

One Face Vital-C Serum

Highly concentrated and stable anti-oxidant Vitamin C formulation with anti-aging and skin repair properties.

One Face

NeoAge Serum

One Face NeoAge Serum

Packed with high-dose premium peptides and skin growth factors, this formulation is specially designed for remarkable anti-aging purposes, collagen synthesis, skin firmness, and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, so as to render a more youthful look.


One Face

BeauSpot Lotion

One Face BeauSpot Lotion

Formulated to combat oily and clogged skin, with antiseptic properties to purify the skin and reduce signs of acne.

One Face

BeauSpot Serum

One Face BeauSpot Serum

Special formulation for the prevention and remedy of stubborn acne breakouts especially due to hormonal changes.

One Face

BeauSpot Gel

One Face BeauSpot Gel

An oil-free formulation with antiseptic ingredients to purify the skin and remedy signs of acne with inflammation.

One Face


One Face BeauSpot-On

Targeted spot-on formulation for signs of inflamed acne or pimples.

One Face

BeauSpot Mask

One Face BeauSpot Mask

For prevention and remedy of oily and clogged skin, this mask is also formulated to reduce and soothe signs of inflamed acne or pimples.

One Face

Lite Moisturizer

One Face Lite Moisturizer

An oil-free moisturizer that provides adequate hydration and suppleness.

Dry Skin

One Face

Essential Moisturiser

One Face Restore Moisturiser

A reliable light and non-greasy moisturizer with anti-aging and brightening benefits that meets the daily demand for well hydrated and healthy skin.

One Face

Rebalance Moisturiser

One Face Rebalance Moisturiser

A dependable moisturizer that provides anti-aging and brightening nutrients, needed for proper skin hydration and maintenance.

Sensitive Skin

One Face

Serenity Cleanser

One Face Serenity Cleanser

Amino acids based cleanser that is gentle and suitable for sensitive skin.

One Face

Serenity Serum

One Face Serenity Serum

Concentrated formulation of plant extracts with properties to calm skin redness, irritation and signs of inflammation. Suitable for sensitive skin.

One Face

Serenity Moisturizer

One Face Serenity Moisturiser

Amino acids based moisturizer for soothing and restorative effects. Suitable for sensitive skin.

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